Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Iphone Laryngoscopy

I came across this YouTube tutorial today and thought it was worth sharing.  I do not endorse this method of laryngoscopy as sanitary or safe, so please try this at your own risk!

Here is another video of Iphone autoscopy in action:



  1. It is an interesting way to do a laryngoscopy, but to everyone their own. I would rather just go in and have a doctor check me out, but I know that some people would rather not. It is kind of cool that they managed it though.


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  3. That is pretty cool that they can now use medical tools along side of smart phones. Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, and just by making some medical instruments sync with them, it could really reduce the amount of health issues that go undiagnosed. I'm sure our society will reach a point where most homes have similar instruments that can be used with smartphones.

  4. Is there any tool available to attach to a smartphone to use for laryngoscopy? F.e: a small glassfiber-cable with camera?
    I'm a paramedic voice - pathologist.