Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swallowing Disorders

I wide range of disorders impair our ability to swallow. Please check out this episode of the American Health Journal.


Aging and Voice Disoders

As we age, our voices tend to deteriorate, and can lead to a decline in our quality of life.

Please enjoy this video on again and voice disorders.



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Swollen Glands

Have you ever wondered why your glands become swollen?


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smoking and the Voice

Do you smoke?

Suprisingly, I see few patients in my practice that are smokers. This is fortunate, as more than 90% of laryngeal cancers occur in smokers. Unfortunately, the tissue damage from smoking persists for decades after quitting. Some patients develop smoking-related cancers many years after quitting.

In addition to cancer, smoke causes inflammation and swelling, polyp formation, and precancerous changes of the vocal cords.

We know very little about the effects of marijuana smoke on the vocal cords, though I suspect it is equally dangerous as cigarette smoke.
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What is a laryngocele?

A laryngocele is an air filled mass of the larynx, connecting to the lumen of the larynx through the ventricle. The ventricle is the space above the vocal cords and below the false vocal cords. The anterior part of the ventricle, called the saccule, can become enlarged and filled with air and/or mucus.

Laryngoceles can be confined within the voice box (internal laryngocele) or may extend beyond the larynx into the neck (external laryngocele) through the thyrohyoid membrane.

The image to the left is an example of an external laryngopyelocele. The mass (green arrow) is extending outside of the larynx into the neck. Laryngoceles can be associated with cancer of the larynx, and with certain occupations associated with blowing. These include horn players and glass blowers.

Treatment consists of surgery, either externally (through the neck) or endoscopically (through the mouth).
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Vocal Health

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